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    Bryton Ryder 530 Cycle Computer

    Our Price : R 2695.00

    Additional Info :

    Navigation and advanced training are all
    in one simple-to-use Rider 530 cycling computer!
    Designed for pro cyclists, the Rider 530 is
    constructed with a big 2.6 screen, displaying
    12 cycling data stats per page, perfect for
    advanced training.

    No Catalogue


    Bryton Ryder 330 Cycle Computer

    Our Price : R 1995.00

    Additional Info :

    The Rider 330 cycling device is an all
    in one navigation and advanced training device.
    It is designed for mountain bike cyclists.
    The compact size ensures that the Rider 330
    will stay securely fixed to your bike, even
    in the most rugged terrain.

    No Catalogue


    Bryton Heart Rate Strap

    Our Price : R 975.00

    Additional Info :

    Bryton Ant+ Heart-Rate Monitor

    No Catalogue


    Bryton Cadence Sensor

    Our Price : R 650.00

    Additional Info :

    The Bryton RPM cadence sensor is your
    sleek little solution for measuring cycling
    cadence data. It's wireless, lightweight,
    and easily mounts to your bike.
    ANT+ technology allows you to connect to
    and display data on your GPS bike computers.

    No Catalogue


    Bryton Out Front Mount

    Our Price : R 285.00

    Additional Info :

    The newly designed mount is to offer a more
    natural display view and reduce air resistance.
    Strong, lightweight and aerodynamic,
    Compatible with Rider 330/530 bike computer.
    Compatible with 25.4 / 31.8 mm handlebars.

    No Catalogue


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